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Blasphemy 2016

Javascript Open Source

A simple offline javascript solution to checking and filtering profanity. The project contains a large collection of profane words built in. Each of these words were ran through the English dictionary to generate a list of potential false positives which are then compared against before the filtering finishes.

Simply import blasphemy.js and start having fun!

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Multipi 2015

C# Unity Game

Multipi is a simple Unity game based on an imaginary operation in mathematics called multipiecation. The only objective of the game is to throw pies at other pies. When pies collide they multiply in size or quantity depending on the circumstance.

There is a man in the game who creeps around eating pies, eventually multiplying himself. Score is kept in terms of pi and pie.

The game is playable using Unity's web player below.

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KetteringJS 2015

Javascript API Open Source

KetteringJS is a library meant to give easy and structured access to various information and functions through Javascript. Uses a combination of basic authentication, reliable rest calls, and unfortunate web scraping. Documentation available.

Created as a way to abstract the functions used in KUMobile project (listed below) so that others could make use of it as well. The latest build is also available through rawgit CDN service here.

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KUMobile 2014

Phonegap iOS Android Windows

KU Mobile is focused on information exchange between Kettering University and its students. The mobile application is structured using Phonegap framework to generate a crossplatform app using jQuery Mobile as the UI framework. Documentation available.

Feature list includes: news, events, directory, library, transfer, campus map, announcements, final grades, midterm grades, blackboard grades, financial account, schedule, degree evaluation and schedule planner.

Started as an open source hobby project but evolved into a thesis topic.

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Parapaws 2014

Javascript Unity Game

Parapaws program is a survival based game with its environment based on the Kettering University campus. The premise of the game is that the Bulldog statue is haunted by evil spirits. When nobody is looking, it stalks and ravages passersbys. When it is being seen, it freezes as a statue.

The game environment is setup so that it is in complete darkness, except for the user's flashlight. The point of the game is to turn on all 8 street lights so that the campus is well lit again.

Created in a team of three for part of a game design course at Kettering University's computer gaming concentration.

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Delinquencity 2014

Java Android Game

Location based Android game with two modes: cops & robbers. User must physically go to locations to either steal an item (robber mode) or to catch a robber (cop mode). The game is a lot of fun, difficult and exhausting!

Completed as part of a team for introductory game design course at Kettering University.

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OUScheduler 2013

Java Open Source

The Oakland Scheduler is a tool created specifically for Oakland University in order to make choosing classes easier. Features: visual representation, filter by day, filter by sections, sort by time, export schedule, and print schedule.

Created for fun through using old quick and dirty algorithms left over from very early prototypes of KUMobile.

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Lightsaber Simulator 2013

C++ OpenCV OpenGL

Simulates up to two 3D Lightsabers from the user's webcam feed in real-time. The application uses OpenCV to track target props and then OpenGL to draw 3D Lightsaber ontop. Flicker and blur also implemented.

This project was lots of fun with very rewarding hard work! Completed as part of a team for virtual reality course at Kettering University.

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Morsebook 2013

Java Arduino Bluetooth

This device takes input data from an arduino uno and sends it over bluethooth to be processed and posted to a predefined Facebook account!

The project was made at mhacks hackathon with a team of friends. We chose the project to be something we had never done, and a project which was cross-disciplinary (CS, CE, EE).

We implemented a quick and dirty timing interpretation for morse code.. then spent the majority of the hackathon teaching ourselves morse code so we could actually test it! The project was later ported to Android.

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Mental Mystics 2013

C++ OpenGL

An optical illusions application done using calls to primitive OpenGL drawing methods. The program contains 6 optical illusions which will bend your mind!

Created as a team for graphics course at Kettering University. Windows binaries available here.

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Mystic Arithmetic 2011

Javascript Java Applet Game

A mystical math-based game of love, hate, romance, action and everything else ever.

But really this "game" was made when I was a freshmen and was my first introduction to javascript. The idea stems from an old card trick I learned. For fun I also wrote an java applet version of it. Neither this version or the applet are very efficient or attractive but it was a fun and simple introduction to programming for me. Credit to Andrew Marrison for providing the spicy graphics.

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